Established in 2007 by one of the most experienced and preeminent real estate lawyers in Israel, Miriam Donin (Shoob) Law Firm provides clients with the complete confidence, utmost professionalism and highest quality legal advice to complete their real estate projects in the smoothest and timeliest manner. This quality is consistently recognized by major domestic legal directories, Dun’s 100 and BDI, which rate the firm as one of the frontrunners in this field.

Decades of cutting edge real estate experience
Bringing more than 30 years’ professional experience to the table, Miriam Donin enjoys a successful track record in partnering with clients on some of the most challenging real estate transactions and projects in Israel. This unparalleled level of experience has seen the firm lead on many complex projects, comprising thousands of housing units, industrial buildings, offices and shopping centers. Furthermore, clients benefit greatly from the strong relationships built with relevant administrative bodies, officials and professional experts, such as architects, appraisers, accountants, banks, and many more.

We are highly skilled in handling real estate projects, particularly well versed in completing sophisticated NOP (National Outline Plan), TAMA 38 and evacuation-building projects (Pinui Binui), tackling challenges with creative solutions that only come from the highest level of experience in the sector and close relationships with the relevant professionals and officials in the planning authorities.

We provide clients, such as landowners, entrepreneurs, acquisition groups and private individuals, with a comprehensive range of real estate services from planning permission applications to the completion of the project, and ongoing legal counsel throughout. This advice includes a myriad of property taxation issues, including tax planning, betterment tax and fees, purchase tax, and so on. Combining a professional approach with a wealth of knowledge in relation to the financing and tax aspects of such projects has earned us a proud and strong reputation among local authorities, tax authorities and commercial banks.

Strong reputation among the relevant authorities
Should transactions or projects face litigation, we are adept at finding solutions to sensitive and tricky disputes, including filing demands for evacuation, dissolution of joint ownership, administrative appeals, claims for planning damages and claims for expropriation compensation.

Clients tap into our long track record in representing plaintiffs and defendants in various courts, including the Supreme Court, in many legal proceedings, including claims arising from conservation programs in Tel Aviv, lawsuits regarding betterment fees and development levies on large-scale transactions, some of which have often led to unprecedented decisions in the field.

We have a particularly niche expertise in supporting foreign residents in relation to their real estate activities in Israel. We are a first port of call for investment groups and wealthy individuals abroad, advising them on a range of issues, from the purchase and sale of land, various projects to managing their assets and holdings.

Largest projects
We are proud to be involved in the design and construction of some of the highest profile and largest real estate projects in Israel, including the construction of 12,000 housing units in northern Tel Aviv, the representation of numerous landowners in the 2,200 dunam Hof Hatchelet (Blue Coast) Project on the coastal strip between Herzliya and Tel Aviv, residential projects in Hagush Hagadol neighbourhood in northern Tel Aviv and Neve Zemer in the city of Ra’anana, as well as many other residential projects nationwide, leading to hundreds and hundreds of new homes.

Unwavering commitment
With an unwavering commitment to the individual needs of each client, Miriam Donin (Shoob) Law Firm is entirely focused on making available all resources needed by clients to advance a project to a swift and effective completion. We partner closely with clients, keeping them in the loop throughout all stages of the procedure, while ensuring that our deep network of connections with administrative and regulatory authorities puts them in the best possible position.