HR 2200A plan- Hof Hatchelet Project

The Hof Hatchelet (Blue Coast) project is located in the southwestern part of Herzliya, considered to be one of the most lucrative and highly desirable locations in Israel.

The Blue Coast project covers a 2,200 dunam site, with planning zoned for 11,500 housing units, and between 150,000 and 200,000 square meters planned for public space, including commercial and leisure areas.

The site is located on the seafront, between the industrial zone of Herzliya Pituah in the north and the city’s border with Tel Aviv, to the south.

The project was initiated, planned and promoted by Herzliya municipality and is currently in advanced planning stages. In January 2017, Herzliya’s Local Planning and Building Commission approved the outline plan, and it is expected to be shortly submitted to the District Planning and Building Committee of the Tel Aviv District for approval.

After submitting the plan, landowners will be able to examine its terms and file an objection if they find it insufficient with regards to their rights in relation to both the location and scope of their land. Afterwards, the landowner’s objections will be heard, and the municipality will submit its response accordingly.

Miriam Donin (Shoob) Law Firm represents numerous landowners, and provides legal advice on all real estate aspects related to this project.

Airport complex, Herzliya

Municipal plan 3700

Located in the northwestern part of Tel Aviv, Municipal Plan 3700 covers an area of approximately 2,000 dunams, divided into five compounds and zoned for residential units, space for public purposes, business, commerce and hotel accommodation.

Currently, each of the landowners knows the extent of his rights, and knows to which compound his rights will be allocated to.

Tel Aviv municipality prepared the detailed plans and is presently completing the distribution of capitalization rights for the owners in each of the areas. This stage is expected to be completed by December, 2017, after which any opponents of the allocations will be given the opportunity to submit their objections, and file an appeal if their objections are rejected.

The municipality allocated rights to landowners who have joined together in a cooperative agreement in order to buy an entire plot of land.

Miriam Donin (Shoob) Law Firm represents many landowners in this project. Through incorporating landowners together in cooperative agreements, we ensured that these landowners will be able to realize their rights in the most effective way, while reducing the risk of exposure if partnerships were dissolved.